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Atlantic Chinea

Thank you H.E.R.I. for all your support! Love you guys, you are so special.

Thank you once again to Edith Perez and Jesus Alberto Perez.


Angela Cabezas

I have no words to express how much I want to thank the teachers. They came to give me knowledge and strategies, strength, organization to reach that much desired pass, but above all I want to tell you that they stay forever in my heart because they are extraordinary human beings.

Mayra Rizo

H.E.R.I. is a great educational center. Beginning with its teachers to the comfortable classrooms. Everything you need to pass the NCLEX. I recommend 100%, thanks for helping me get my registered nurse license, without you this would not have been possible, they made me feel as a family, and I’m very grateful. 75% and pa la casa!!!! Blessings

Yunior Quesada

To my HERI professes I thank God because they put them in my way special thanks from my mother that if I were here I would give them a kiss. because thanks to his advice his teachings I was able to complete a dream that was already like a nightmare and that made you have a happy ending after a long and tortuous journey. I have no words to thank all their efforts and their concern nothing more than humility showing that they work as do any person who has a humanitarian sense in the post we all pass. Thank you once again, Juan Pablo, Jesus, and especially Edith. I love them from the botton of my heart.

Mara Izquierdo

Today I would like to also thank to Health Education and Research Institute without you also would not have been possible that today was held this beautiful Victoria. Many thanks to each of their teachers for being so dedicated and giving the best of each one of you to the time of train. Is q as i there are many other people q are and shall be grateful for this beautiful work q do and for as good preparation. Without a doubt I never wrong to choose them when I recommended and having entrusted also in you. Also thanks to my Lourdes lovely and Elcida that made me so many cafes you guys were also part of this process. I recommend to all that want to spend NCLEX q do not lose the opportunity to prepare adequately for this review q is difficult and those q already took the decision to go I assure you they are in the best hands if you follow each of their advice and taken well into account every one of the things that this staff so well prepared and dedicated teaches them if you can achieve. Thanks HERI for having been such an important part in this achievement. I would like and therefore q God always the great care and thanks for so much dedication.

Antonella Haidar

Thanks infinitely for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dreams!!! Thanks for helping us!!! Thanks for teaching and guiding us!!! I owe everything to H.E.R.I., my second family and my second home!!!

Thank you, Edith Perez, Jesus Alberto Perez, Elcida Riveras, and the master of strategies JP!

Thanks forever!!!

Jacquelin Cuellar

6 months ago I arrived at this place, with the disappointment filling my life for not having passed my exam on my third attempt on July 28, 2014. Today I thank God for having allowed me to meet these great people who are like my family. , in them I found the support to be able to achieve what I had fought so hard. I learned to be patient, to be safe and to realize that if you can, that only perseverance and discipline help you to pass the NCLEX. I know it is an exam that can not be underestimated, but it can collapse because a machine can never be more powerful than the knowledge acquired with the professors that make up this place. Thanks to those who trusted me, have faith in you and in the wise advice of each of the teachers and much more in God, with the whole, without the nothing. I love you very much and I am going to miss you very much.

Tania Perez

A wonderful group very grateful to them that helped me with their classes to arrive to fulfill that dream of passing the NCLEX is a sacrifice Work, attend our children and study. Is there a strong study when the teacher gave a system to me? From that system, as Professor Jesus said, he took notes in the class when Professor Edith gave a procedure, he looked for it on the internet, he came to Casa, in the strategy classes of Juan Pablo he took Notes. It took 4 months to study hard but I did it. Thanks Edith, Juan Pablo, I am a nurse today.

Mariela Martinez

There are no words to express so much gratitude for people as simple, humble and good-hearted as you. Thank you to each of the teachers for making a dream come true that I saw far away but I achieved. I really put my trust in you and I achieved it. They are the best! Like H.E.R.I. there are no two. Thousands of thanks for everything have the best work team that anyone would want to have.

Marlene Orue

So as Edith Perez says 75 and pa the house! I feel infinitely grateful I think k without your help I would not have really achieved it, at Health Education And Research Institute I found the necessary weapons to beat the … NCLEX !!! They make an enviable team and very professional, each of you play a different role but very well intertwined, they have the best teacher of the theory, the best nurse in practice and the wizard of the strategy, without leaving out lourdes many thanks for your attention!!!! I think and I’m sure if you want to spend the NCLEX you have to come with these people !!!! I’m really good! A big kiss!!! See you next week!!! with Health Education.

Aylen Pascual

After graduating I started my preparation for the NCLEX-RN studying alone in my house, in doing so I felt lost, by studying several books and doing many things at the same time. Thank God I learned of this group and without thinking twice decided to do so to organize my study and reach my objective. I think that this has been the most accurate decision of my life. Attended to each session and take all of the exams recommended by the teachers and at the same time continue to study in my free time. After 10 weeks, I present with total security and confidence, 75 responses, today I am Rn, this incredible group you will work hard ,but the sacrifice is well worth it, are the best without doubts.

Yaki Vega

H.E.R.I. definitely the best NCLEX review where you will find a group for which you do not mean what you pay for you are part of the family where you will find friends who understand what you are living as people who deal with your day to day but have not been able to. Get H.E.R.I. with a case loaded with doubts disoriented and with another case loaded with hopes and a great dream I had heard from others who had triumphed thanks to H.E.R.I., the first case weighed more … Today I can take great pride in saying that I am a professional in the United States country It has welcomed us and I feel like my country, a country of great opportunities. Thank you, Juan Pablo, Jesus and, Edith and all your team because without you achieving this dream it would not have been possible thanks for your great humanity because every day they contributed and They guided my way in this battle, for feeling so much that each student can pass this test and achieve their dreams. May God bless you to continue to cultivate success.

Grisel Gonzalez

From personal experience I can say that it is a group of unique teachers, high level of preparation, knowledge and human values. I recommend them 100% and I guarantee that with your help and personal dedication if you can pass the NCLEX.

Thais Quintero

I would like to start by thanking everyone and thanking them for being wonderful human beings with so many qualities who have given me so much support, love and confidence. When I arrived at the course and got to know them, they gave me an air of family atmosphere and from that moment I knew I was in the perfect place. Each one with their dedication, knowledge and strategies supplied me with the necessary tools to achieve this great goal. Today I can say that I am RN thanks to Edith for such a wonderful classes that with every emphasis on each subject I gain my attention and therefore I learned of all procedures since when I arrived I felt lost but I thank you for organizing my mind so well point that I achieve my goal. Jesus to you I thank you for testing my knowledge in every moment and for always transmitting the confidence I needed remembering me always as he says “better than your nobody you can achieve it” and that was thank you very special. Juan Pablo thank you for being so sweet and the person that you are thank you for allowing me to see each question without fear and face it differently to you I thank you because every detail of the questions I saw you I saw you at every moment. Thank you very much because each one of you was my exam thank you for changing my life are the best review that exists I adore them.