Our group was founded by Dr. Jesús A Perez y his wife Edith O Perez RN, on July, 2013 as a shared necessity, both professionals emigrated from Cuba in 2001, at a time where there was no public or private organization that customize the preparation of foreign professionals at prices they could afford to pay, or taking into account the idiosyncrasies and culture of Hispanic heritage people, it was basically based on impersonal questions and answers; a preparation without any human interrelationship.


Nobody can assure a 100% passing strategy or any foolproof guaranteed formula for passing of the NCLEX exam. However, what we can assure you is a groundbreaking intensive program that focuses on all aspects of the test in extraneous detail taught by experienced individuals. You will become well-rounded in your academics and will be ready for the Exam.


We consider our program groundbreaking because it truly caters to the student’s needs. With no contract or any form of commitment, you are free to come at your leisure and gain your desired preparation.

If you choose to take our full 15-week program, you will undertake a challenge of over 200 hours of face to face interaction with three distinctive professors and their teachings. This will give you the FULL experience and preparation for the exam. We divide all aspects of the exam into category and principles of the exam.

The key to our success is the customization that our program offers, which allows you to take the reviews and classes that YOU need.


From our very humble beginnings of only three students in our first group in 2013, we are very proud of the growth of this program. Since then, we have passed over 700 students with a passing rate of 98.3%.

We are currently assisting 100 plus students with their goal of passing of the NCLEX exam.

This wasn’t by a chance or a work of magic but by the unyielding passion that our staff at HERI-NCLEX Training has towards truly engaging with students and helping them become better in all aspects of their respective fields.

Now that you understand the who, what, when, where, and why of our school… Let’s make your dreams come true!