Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Floridian Institute provides the tools and resources you will need to obtain our nursing or allied health programs’ financial aid. Our financial aid department is available to discuss your options so that you can get the most out of your health school education without breaking the bank.

Currently, our institution does not participate in the federal financial aid programs (FAFSA); in exchange, our institution offers financing through private institutions and payment plans consistent with the economic situation of each student.

Each project will be studied and approved, considering the needs and individual characteristics of each student.

Contact our financial representative today = e-mail:

Affordable Tuition Rates

At Floridian Institute, we provide an affordable learning experience where students can see a return on their investment.

Visit Tuition & Fees to view the cost of attendance for your desired program.

Receiving State & Private Funding

Students remain responsible for all financial obligations to Floridian Institute, including defaults by third parties with whom students have contracted to provide payments on their behalf.

Students receiving private or state financial assistance for all or part of the cost of tuition and fees should submit a copy of their tuition reimbursement, scholarship, or tuition assistance form from the sponsoring bank or agency at least two weeks before the first day of class.


RN to BSN Class


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