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Highly experienced professionals design our programs, many of them with a master’s degree, an updated curriculum, and following the latest educational trends.

Student Life

Our students share a vibrant academic and social life within our center, many of them emigrants who find counseling in our institution.
and the right solution to their academic needs

Financial Aid

Our institution offers help in obtaining low-interest private loans, very flexible payment plans, and a deep understanding of the needs and economic problems of our community

Placement Help

By enrolling students from the community, we create permanent ties with the workforce, helping and nurturing ourselves from it; with the preparation of resumes and connecting with potential employers we put our “grain of sand”

Community inspired

Our institution is inserted in a cosmopolitan bilingual community, participates every day in social, academic life and as a health institution, it also provides knowledge and real help to the community.

Student Services

Our student services department lives a hectic day every day; diplomas, student transcripts, complaints, coordinations, and fair and immediate solutions are the basis of the work of this group.

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